The clients below have had their names anonymised and have provided their written consent to have their information presented in this media.

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Solicitor Testimonials

The following has been provided by Virginia Ralfe of City Lawyers, who referred a client to our services.

Client Testimonials

Following closure of rehabilitation with us, we regularly ask our clients for their feedback on how they found our service. Here are some of the stories about us, told by people we have worked with in the past.

Testimonial 1– Lady in her fifties from London with traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries following a road traffic collision.

Testimonial 2– Gentleman in his late forties from Essex with moderate brain injury, dental injuries and orthopaedic injuries following a blow to the head from falling roofing components.

Testimonial 3– Lady in her fifties from Hertfordshire with orthopaedic injuries following a fall at work.

Testimonial 4– Gentleman in his fifties from Essex with multiple complex orthopaedic injuries and subsequent limited mobility following a motorbike collision.

Testimonial 5– Gentleman from Norfolk in his late thirties with a spinal injury following an incident at work.