Having been an active member of the ‘green’ movement since 1989, Ben has a passionate drive to operate the business as ‘environmentally friendly’ as possible.

As testament to this, Ben Holden Ltd became a member of the Suffolk Carbon Charter and has now been awarded Gold level status twice since 2012, through the Suffolk Low Carbon Champions Programme.

In the past, Ben Holden Ltd has been involved in many green projects in Suffolk including: development of sustainable buildings, micro generation of electricity through wind power, low energy office lighting and the development of a large native woodland.

In late 2013, the company invested in a new cloud based case management system called iinsight and this has revolutionised the way we do things. It has made the way we manage our work more flexible and efficient. iinsight has also allowed us to abandon all physical client files and we are now totally paperless.

As part of Ben’s mission to keep business as green as possible, he’s been looking at electric cars for a decade. They’re now more affordable and the range is good enough to complete a home visit, so Ben downsized his car and is enjoying a new Audi e-tron, a plug-in hybrid vehicle. All local travel is now purely electric and home visits further afield are in hybrid mode. Approximately 90% of Ben Holden Ltd’s carbon dioxide emissions are generated by car travel, so this will have a huge impact on reducing the carbon foot print of the company.


Policies and Procedures

Ben Holden Ltd has several policies relating to environmental sustainability and ethical purchasing. If you would like more information about these policies or sustainable activity in general, please contact us.

You can read all about Ben’s sustainability policies in the BABICM newsletter by clicking here