Care Quality Commission

In 2019, The British Association of Brain Injury Case Management (BABICM) conducted a detailed review with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) regarding development of best practice guidance for case managers and case management companies.   Subsequently in early 2020, BABICM provided formal guidance to determine if there is an over-arching requirement for case managers and case management companies to register with the CQC.  

This BABICM guidance concluded that because the various services differ significantly, it was not possible to make an appropriate recommendation for all providers; each company must make their own registration decision based on the services they provide in the context of the relevant legislation. 

Therefore, in 2020, Ben Holden Ltd reviewed the relevant legislation, the BABICM guidance and held detailed discussions with Regional Registration Managers at the CQC, regarding the requirement for the Company to register based on the services we provide.  

It was determined by the CQC that Ben Holden Ltd is not required to register with them and consequently cannot be registered with the CQC; accompanying documentary evidence of this determination may be viewed on request.  Please contact the Consultancy Manager to examine the evidence and discuss the matter further.

Going forward, Ben Holden Ltd will regularly monitor developments and changes in legislation regarding registration with the CQC.