Company Culture (Core Values)

Company Culture (Core Values)

Ben Holden Ltd is an established and quality case management company focused on delivering the best evidence-based services with compassion, dignity and respect for the individual being served.

Our approach is dynamic, action focussed, and we tailor the service recognising that each person is unique, always empowering them and putting them at the centre of decision making.

Ben Holden Ltd celebrates diversity and recognises that multiculturism greatly enriches all of our lives. Ben Holden Ltd embeds principles of radical inclusivity concerning all of our staff, the other professionals we encounter, and the person being served.  We ensure no matter the background, all people are welcomed, supported and nourished.

As a team we pride ourselves in being approachable, relaxed, friendly and working collaboratively. When necessary, we constructively challenge each other, always keeping our minds on the bigger picture and thinking ‘outside the box’. We are all enthusiastic and passionate about case management and we love our work, this is reflected in the very high rate of staff retention since the company started trading in 2009.

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental principle underpinning all aspects of Ben Holden Ltd. The company was founded by Ben, an ardent vegan, and remains totally within his ownership.  Key green achievements were the creation of a large woodland in Suffolk (part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee scheme) which has offset the company’s carbon omissions for about 750 years, going paperless since 2013 and early adoption of electric vehicles.

Ben Holden – May 2019